British Gas will be employing an additional 1,000 apprentices to install smart meters, the company has announced.

Nine out of 10 British Gas smart meter customers are now taking simple daily steps to reduce energy use in the home, and almost two-thirds have identified savings of up to £75 on their annual energy bill, the company has reported.

In a new survey of 1,498 smart meter customers, conducted for British Gas by Network Research, it was also found that of those who use their in-home display, more than three quarters said that having a smart meter has made them more aware of their energy consumption.
Because of this greater insight, survey respondents said they’re now taking simple daily measures to reduce their energy, like turning appliances off when they’re not in use. Such changes in behavior have led to more than half saving money off their energy bills.

“The results show that by seeing how energy is used through the home, you can make small changes that save you money,” commented Stuart Rolland, managing director of British Gas Smart Metering. “Whether it’s discovering how energy efficient the fridge is, or the cost of using the tumble dryer, we’re excited that the smart meter rollout will make it easy for consumers to improve their energy efficiency.”

Smart meters have also encouraged two-fifths of households to tackle wider energy efficiency issues in their home. Insulation was identified as the action taken up by most of those households, with loft insulation able to save up to £180 a year.