British Gas to develop smart prepay capability with Trilliant


Stuart Rolland,
Managing Director
Smart Metering,
British Gas
Windsor, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — April 11, 2013 – As part of their ongoing partnership, which has now been extended through the Foundation phase of Britain’s smart meter program, British Gas and Trilliant are working to develop a prepayment capability.

Trilliant supplies the smart metering communications system to British Gas, including the communications hubs and its UnitySuite head-end software for management of the smart metering business processes and communications service.

During the past four years, the two companies have worked together to extend Trilliant’s communications platform to the unique requirements of the U.K. market, including the development of appropriate standards to ensure the deployment of a system based on open standards. The next phase of the deployment will see the introduction of prepayment functionality and continued expansion across the country.

“British Gas, Trilliant and our other partners have worked closely to build the right technical solution for our customers,” said Stuart Rolland, managing director, Smart Metering at British Gas. “We are committed to bringing this standards-based solution to the broader market supporting a smooth transition from the current rollout to the U.K.-wide mandated rollout.”

British Gas provides both electricity and gas and serves around 12 million homes and 1 million businesses in Britain.