Britons want smart meters and to compare energy consumption


Stephen Passmore,
Technical Delivery
Manager, Energy
Saving Trust
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — June 12, 2013 – Britons are looking forward to smart meters and want to share and compare their energy consumption with neighbors, a new survey from the Energy Saving Trust suggests.

In the survey, which covered more than 2,000 homes in England, Scotland and Wales, almost three-quarters said they would welcome smart meters into their homes, finding the concept of this technology “appealing”. Further, almost half indicated they want to compare their energy consumption to that of other similar homes locally once the technology becomes available.

“Smart meters will fulfil a demand from Brits to compare bills with friends, neighbours or even those living in similar homes,” commented Stephen Passmore, technical delivery manager at the Energy Saving Trust. “Research has shown that people use less energy if they are more engaged with how much they are using and where and how it is being used. This is supported by our survey, with 62 percent of people asked stating that an understanding of how much energy they were using in monetary terms on a daily basis would encourage them to be more energy efficient.”

The survey also found that in-home displays were considered the most popular method, cited by almost half, for people to view their instant energy spend as household demand rises and falls. In comparison around a quarter would prefer the information through email or by logging into a website, while less than a tenth would prefer a smartphone or tablet app.