Avantha Group CG has scored another win in Spain with the automation business securing an order of 750,000 ZIV smart meters for Spanish utility Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF).

The deal comes shortly after CG won a €3 million contract with Spanish electric utility Iberdrola and will see CG covering a large part of GNF’s demand for single-phase smart meters for the next two years.

CG Automation will also supply nearly 20,000 three-phase meters and is now bidding for a data concentrator unit tender using its PRIME-enabled products.

CG has broadened the coverage of its smart grid portfolio with distribution automation solutions that range from LV supervision to MV automation, including overhead MV line automation, compact secondary substations and micro-grid management.

Gas Natural Fenosa has a presence in more than 25 countries, where it services more than 20 million customers.

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  1. – Observed during the inspection work and when welding machine is working on 2 two phase, the three meter disk goes backward
    The meter is good and works well on other loads.

    – When one phase is damaged ( off ) in 3 phase capacitors set connected in parallel with the load to improve the power factor, the meter does not work as well .
    and if we use 3 meters 1 phase to measure consumption instead of one meter 3 phase , one of them is going back ( reverse counting ) or stop.

    This is all assuming that the meters do not contain blocker Return (Brake).
    Is there an explanation.