CHESSS – a generic approach to service standardization

Meenakshi Raman,
Project Manager,
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — September 11, 2007 – The CEN Horizontal European Service Standardization Strategy (CHESSS), which is examining the feasibility of taking a generic cross-sector approach to service standardization, is well under way, with a number of projects in place.

A European Commission and EFTA financed feasibility study, CHESSS is aimed at identifying how standardization can apply across multiple service sectors, rather than being sector-specific, and it will seek to determine to what extent the requirements for future standardization could be met by a finite number of generic standards addressing the fundamental aspects of design of services, information on services, problems with services, and payment for services.

Billing and innovative metering practice is one of the service areas to come under investigation, while others are safety in the delivery of services, the assessment of customer satisfaction, and complaints and redress systems. Business to business implications is also under the spotlight in a review of the specification, sourcing, delivery and quality of business-related services and these will be underpinned by work on guidance in the preparation of service standards and a glossary of terms and definitions relevant to service standardization.

As part of a Europe-wide consultation exercise, CHESSS will deliver a series of 3-day “World Café” style workshops in London (October 2-4), Tallinn (October 16-18), Copenhagen (November 6-8) and Madrid (November 20-22) to collect feedback from the leading players of industries and sectors across the European Community.

“These workshops provide an important opportunity for industry to contribute to the potential design of service standards that they may be required to achieve in the future,” says CHESSS Initiative project manager Meenakshi Raman.

CHESSS is being undertaken by a consortium of European national standards bodies from Spain (AENOR), UK (BSI), Germany (DIN), Denmark (DS), Estonia (EVS) and the Netherlands (NEN) involving a program of detailed research and interaction with stakeholders. The final CHESSS Initiative report is due to be delivered to the European Commission in June 2008.