Cisco to invest $500m in German digitisation projects


In a press statement, Cisco said it is investing in innovation, security and education via its Deutschland Digital programme aimed at accelerating countries’ use of data collection and analysis to improve service delivery.

Under the project, Cisco will fund specific research projects as well as expand its networking academy.

Through Cisco’s innovation center ‘openBerlin’, the programme also expects to bring together customers, partners, startups and research institutions.

Technology innovation

To fuel innovation, Cisco said it will host regular workshops for mid-sized companies to allow development of digital solutions and business models.

[quote]The programme will also invest in security, cloud and IoT sectors for startups companies.

In venture funding, Cisco will be looking to partner with the public sector and contribute to large-scale transformation projects such as smart cities and regions as well as healthcare and utility networks.

In security and transparency technologies, launch of the programme will result in the establishment of a ‘Security Center of Excellence’.

The center will provide training in IT and cybersecurity in a bid to build an ecosystem of German customers, partners, academia and startups.

The programme will also fund a research initiative that translates the German privacy and data protection regulations into a software architecture for cloud services to develop a blueprint for cloud architectures with off-the-shelf data sovereignty capabilities that meet the strict requirements in Germany.

IoT research and development

In digital skills, education and research, the US-headquartered Cisco is planning to increase its educational offering.

The programme will focus on providing digital competencies for non-IT professionals in SMEs, including smart home, smart health and smart grid sectors.

Furthermore, Cisco said it is planning to develop a curriculum focused on IoT for German in a bid to address the shortage of skilled personnel.

The networking equipment provider plans to increase the number of graduates in Germany from 35,000 a year to 80,000, within three years.

The news follows Cisco’s previous announcement that it will investment in digitization acceleration in the UK, France and Italy.

In Germany, the company has already shown its interest on the emerging startup ecosystem by investing in IoT provider Relayr, headquartered in Berlin.