Collaboration in Germany to enable more efficient energy and water consumption measurement


Paris, France and Nürnberg, Germany — (METERING.COM) — February 23, 2009 – An agreement to cooperate on the joint development and marketing of products for automatic logging of energy consumption as well as the development of associated service portfolios has been signed by Alcatel-Lucent and DIEHL Energy Solutions.

Alcatel-Lucent, which currently offers a smart metering solution, will work with DIEHL Energy Solutions to develop and market a comprehensive solution that will enable energy supply and combination utilities to provide timely, detailed consumption information to their customers thus enabling consumption-related price and more accurate billing.

Despite liberalisation in the supplier market, energy consumption still lacks transparency for the end user. In Europe meter reading is typically done annually, thus making the monitoring and independent timely modification of consumption virtually impossible. To rectify this situation, several European legislators are working on regulations that prescribe monthly billing to the end consumer as part of the European Union’s goal to clearly reduce energy consumption in the interests of climate protection.

The smart metering solution developed by Alcatel-Lucent, together with the components supplied by its partners, will offer an easy-to-use, complete system to record energy consumption, with measurement data that is automatic and accurate to the minute. This will include electricity, gas, heating and water consumption. The service spectrum of the solution ranges from measurement devices, through measurement data collection and management systems, as well as components for wide area network communication systems, to a comprehensive service offering for suppliers and measurement service providers. For the latter this includes a contact center solution, web interface, rating, CRM, billing and energy data management.

Alcatel-Lucent will work with DIEHL Energy Solutions to develop and market compatible product lines for automatic measurement data recording in the field of energy and consumption measurement.

“Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for companies as well as for private users, but to reduce their energy consumption, consumers and enterprises need much better ways to track how much energy they are using,” said Dr. Klaus Stocker, smart metering project manager at Alcatel-Lucent in Germany. “Utilities will increasingly rely on smart metering to help them enable more efficient use of their services and to provide more effective pricing and conservation plans.”