Common open metering system specification from figawa, KNX and ZVEI


Brussels, Belgium and Cologne and Frankfurt, Germany — (METERING.COM) — September 18, 2009 – An open, manufacturer independent, interoperable device and interface definition, the Open Metering System Specification, has been published under the Open Metering System (OMS) initiative of the manufacturers’ associations, figawa, KNX and ZVEI.

The OMS is Europe’s only system definition representing a uniform approach for all media, electricity, gas, heat and water, including sub-metering. Currently the OMS specification is being reviewed by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) as European new work item proposal TC 294.

Since May 2007, several working groups of the OMS initiative have been evaluating the use of existing standards and defining supplements where necessary. For the data transfer between the actual meters and the data concentrator MUC – defined as primary communication – the EN 13757 standard was identified as the only current standard applicable to metering devices. This standard defines the M-Bus as a physical interface (wired and wireless), as well as a data protocol. EN 13757 also complies with the KNX standard.

Remote communication is defined by approved internet standards, with transfer either directly via a DSL hook-up in the building, via mobile phone networks such as GPRS, or via PLC technology on the power distribution line.

For detailed visualization (consumption visualization), connection of the building automation system at the end customer, and for future services such as tariff and load management, the KNX standard (ISO/IEC 14543) applies.

In work on the specification, international interests were also respected, since future smart metering functionality must be harmonized across Europe. To reach this goal, cooperation with KEMA was established to harmonize the specification with the Dutch rules NTA 8130/DSMR.

To enable the acceptance of intelligent metering systems, the requirements of data security and data access management were also taken into account.

The OMS group has initiated the next steps for the implementation of the standard, with a neutral body soon to define a binding certification system to ensure the compatibility of all devices, as defined in the OMS specification.

figawa (Bundesvereinigung der Firmen im Gas- und Wasserfach) represents manufacturers and service providers involved in the provision of gas and water supplies in Germany and elsewhere within Europe. The KNX Association is the creator and owner of the KNX standard for home and building control applications. ZVEI (Zentralverband der Elektronindustrie) promotes the industry’s economic, technological and environmental policy interests at national, European and global levels.