Compulsory water metering necessary for conservation


London—(METERING.COM)—June 23, 2006 – Richard Ottaway, MP for Croydon South, holds that metering is a necessity for water conservation.

Croydon SouthMr. Ottaway believes that water meters ought to be compulsory in homes and has urged the government to introduce the necessary legislation. He said: “Those who do not have water meters have absolutely no incentive whatever to save water. There is simply a reliance on appeals for restraint.” He continued, “I know that it is a political hot potato, but in present climate, the mood is for reconsidering water metering.”

During a House of Commons debate on water shortages, Mr Ottaway also said that tougher action needed to be taken against water companies that do not meet leakage targets.

His constituency is covered in the south by Sutton and East Surrey Water, which has introduced a drought order but is meeting leakage targets. Thames Water is the supplier in the northern part; this utility has missed leakage targets set by water regulator Ofwat for the last three years, despite the fact that it announced recently that pre-tax profits were up by 31 percent.

Mr Ottaway said that the public was skeptical about water restrictions and added: “The test for Ofwat is whether it will impose fines on water companies that are missing their leakage targets. That is bound to affect the public’s response. They are asking themselves, ‘Well, if we’re losing so much water through leakages, what’s the point?’.”