Consumer engagement company Green Energy Options (geo) has launched its ‘Connected System’ architecture, which gives service providers the components to build customized, own brand energy management solutions for their retail customers.

These components work seamlessly together to provide a consistent and integrated in-home, online and mobile consumer experience.

All of the components within the architecture are interoperable and link to a central hub, which connects to the internet and collects, stores and transports data securely around the system. Interfaces capture and present energy information from a range of devices, including existing and smart energy meters, temperature sensors, smart plugs and heating controls.

geo’s flexible platform provides at least four ways to view this information:

  • An Application Program Interface (API) that enables service providers to integrate customer consumption data into their own systems and portals in a dynamic and secure way
  • HTML5 widgets, i.e. fundamental building blocks of code which can be readily integrated into the provider’s own content management system and customer portals
  • A geo-managed web portal, energynote, which can be branded, customized and operated on behalf of the service provider
  • A range of in-home energy displays.

The Connected System provides the core foundation of a retail consumer proposition, integrated into and enhancing the service provider’s own products and services. In addition, providers can choose from geo’s suite of complementary propositions, which include Visibility to enable consumers to realize the benefits of smart meters, the customer engagement platform Discovery, the solar panel display Solar, and the Comfort temperature system.

Established clients using some or all of geo’s Connected System include Fortum, whose customers are using geo’s solar in-home display, which connects to Fortum’s web portal in Sweden via the energynote platform.

“We have been working with large-scale service providers for nearly a decade, helping them introduce wider services to their customers and, as important, assisting their customers to be more energy efficient,” commented geo chief executive officer Patrick Caiger-Smith. “With our Connected System, this capability now extends to a full home energy management suite, which is fully integrated.”