Consultation on smart metering balancing and settlement in U.K.


Elexon Logo London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — April 19, 2007 – Balancing and settlement code company ELEXON has under way a consultation on the balancing and settlement requirements for smart metering and AMR in the U.K.

ELEXON’s brief is to identify any changes required to the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) and Code Subsidiary Documents (CSD) to facilitate market driven smart meter and AMR rollout without introducing any undue risk to settlements and enable settlements to exploit the benefits of smart meters and AMR; to identify the longer term issues that extensive rollout of smart meters and AMR could present settlements with; and to highlight any changes that might be required to other industry governance documentation and products for them to be consistent and complementary with the changes to the BSC and CSDs identified.

Following an extensive round of meetings and discussions the consultation document was drafted, with issues deemed as having BSC requirements including inferior/inappropriate meters, communications and peripheral devices, meter functional requirements, unauthorised access to meters and communications, commissioning, remote reading assurance, retrieval method and reading type, failure to obtain a reading/fault report, maximum demand, reading submission frequency, change of supplier, meter technical and mapping details, roles and industry processes, remote interruption/restoration, BSC half hourly requirements, and “push” (inbound) technology.

Issues deemed to not warrant BSC requirements include access to protocols, abuse of encryption keys, installation requests, read cycles, appointment rejection, credit/prepayment switching, contracting directly with customers.

ELEXON suggests that it is not appropriate, or possible at this stage, to publish definitive and enduring requirements covering all BSC aspects of smart metering and AMR. This is because it is a rapidly evolving subject with initiatives being undertaken industry-wide. Some of the requirements are independent of other initiatives, while others are dependent on other industry initiatives and reflect the current BSC position.

Comments on the proposed BSC requirements are now being reviewed.