Netherlands android app smart energy monitor

Android smart meter app NetherlandsIn the Netherlands, energy company NLE’s new monitoring application for households with smart electric and gas meters is available in the App store for Android free services category.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the new Anna Insight app aims to Dutch consumers insight into their energy consumption by using peer-comparison technology.

Harald Swinkels, CEO of NLE, said in a statment that he believes the ability of users to compare their energy consumption with others in the same user profile will promote energy efficiency.

Smart meter users

Any household with a smart meter can download the app, scan the barcode on their smart meter and create a profile.

Energy data can then be monitored both inside and outside the home.

The Anna Insight app was developed by European software company HYS.

Helping customers

The consumer app fits with the Dutch government’s recommendations on the best way to rollout 15 million smart gas and electricity meters by 2020.

When approving the nationwide rollout in April this year, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said findings from the cost-benefit analysis showed that consumers must be better informed about the potential opportunities to save energy.

Interface design

Another key finding was that energy companies need to match user interface design with customers’ practical preference and engagement with energy efficiency.

Sophisticated energy management systems were found to appeal to consumers with a high level of awareness of energy monitoring and control.

Consumers who are less engaged and less skilled were found to prefer basic in-home displays.

The Netherlands has around 7.6 million households, 95 per cent of which have a gas connection.

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