Coronis Systems and Mesh Systems seal strategic partnership


Montpellier, France and Appleton, WI, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 01, 2007 – Coronis Systems of France, a designer and developer of ultra-low-power (ULP) and long-range wireless solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Mesh Systems – a wireless sensor networks (WSN) integrator. Mesh Systems will deploy the Wavenis technology in conjunction with its MeshVista Platform and wireless sensor network applications.

For a long time, WSNs existed more in the realm of theory than in reality – it is only recently that they have moved out of the research lab and been deployed in real-world applications across a wide variety of industries. Mesh Systems, a pioneer in the development, integration and deployment of WSN applications, was looking for a local area radio frequency technology that could provide the long-range and low-power characteristics needed for its high-volume, vertical applications.

By integrating Coronis’ off-the-shelf sensors and modules such as Waveflow, Wavesense and Wavetherm, as well as Wavenis-enabled OEM cards, Mesh Systems’ clients are able to quickly deploy a network and begin receiving data from remote assets across wireless local and wide area networks via Mesh System’s MeshVista Portal. This tool can provide users with the ability to view, analyse, chart and export information from remote sensors and systems anywhere and anytime via a standard web browser. More importantly, data coming from these sensors gives MeshVista users the ability to control assets and devices at geographically scattered sites. Wavenis local area wireless technology was specifically built into the infrastructure of the MeshVista Platform to give Mesh Systems the flexibility to provide unique solutions to fit each client’s requirements.

“Field proven, cost-effective, and available now, Wavenis technology is an ideal complement to our MeshVista platform,” says Richard Baxter, President and CEO of Mesh Systems. “Wavenis combines long-range communications and excellent interference immunity with ultra-low-power consumption and flexible network topology options. In addition, Coronis made it easy for us to adopt Wavenis technology by providing ready-to-install sensors, gateways, OEM cards, modules and software, as well as technology licensing options for large volume applications to our clients. By using Wavenis, we are able to deliver wireless sensor network solutions that work. I think the fact that Coronis has over one million Wavenis-enabled units deployed worldwide speaks not only for the technology’s reliability but also its availability now.”

“We are very happy to be working with a partner of the caliber of Mesh Systems,” says Laurent Maleysson, CTO of Coronis Systems. “With Wavenis built into the backbone of their advanced infrastructure, I cannot think of a better environment to prove the advantages of our technology for wireless networks in such a competitive landscape. “Employing Wavenis’ highly resistant two-way communication functionality will also give Mesh Systems the added flexibility of extending the range and effectiveness of other wireless technologies they might deploy, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. We feel that Wavenis can help manage the three ingredients that you find in any network deployment that makes or breaks a project – cost, time to develop and reliability,” adds Maleysson.