Current Cost partners with Radiocrafts to supply IHD’s for the new generation of Smart Meters


Martin Dix,
Managing Director,
Current Cost
October 4, 2011 – Current Cost, the leading global manufacturer of In House Displays (IHD) and home energy monitors, has collaborated with Radiocrafts, respected specialists and leaders in design and manufacture of RF modules, to allow consumers to view real-time energy information from Smart Meters.

The cooperation has resulted in IHDs being able to receive real-time consumption data from electricity, gas, heat and water meters over multiple communication protocols. Fully working IHDs for 868 MHz and 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus will be demonstrated at Metering Europe in Amsterdam, October 4-6.

Radiocrafts participates actively in the European standardization work and embeds protocols like Wireless M-Bus, ZigBee and KNX RF in high performance, high quality RF modules. When integrated in the new range of Current Cost IHD’s, energy consumption and other useful information including messages from the utility companies can be visualized and easily read, with an option for access via smart phones or mobile browsers. This means that users can view their data wherever they are, leading them to make informed choices which reduce overall home energy consumption.

“By providing consumers with accurate, real-time energy usage data, home energy monitors encourage behavioral changes and inspire them to reduce their average energy consumption by as much as 15 per cent through cutting energy waste” says Martin Dix, Managing Director of Current Cost. “Partnering with Radiocrafts allows us to work with market leaders in embedded wireless solutions and a variety of protocols for Smart Meters and the Smart Grid of the future.”

“We are excited to work with Current Cost to enable their leading range of IHDs with powerful protocols for full interoperation with all types of utility meters. The skilled and dedicated Current Cost team has shown that they can fully utilize the embedded protocols in our RF modules supporting Wireless M-Bus, ZigBee Smart Energy and KNX RF. As IHDs seem to become a major part of the smart metering infrastructure, we look forward to work closely with Current Cost to meet the market request for IHDs with flexible radio solutions” says Hallvard Moholdt, Technical Solutions Manager in Radiocrafts.