CyanConnode secure $29m AMI deal in Ukraine


The advanced metering solution provider received the smart meters order from its partner NIK LLC. NIK LLC is an energy management solutions company manufacturing up to 1.5 million meters per annum. Previously, the company was supplying ZigBee based smart metering solution and is now switching to Cyan-Connode narrowband radio mesh smart meter communications technology.

Under the order, CyanConnode will supply its AMI hardware and software including 1 million smart meter units over the next three years.

The smart meters to be delivered by CyanConnode in total costs $13 million. The company will also provide its head end server software for the operation of the smart meters once installed. The head end server will cost $16 million over a period of 10 years.

Penetration of advanced metering solution

The contract brings the company’s total orders not yet delivered to $100 million. The order is CyanConnode’s first in eastern Europe.

In addition to the order, NIK and CyanConnode will jointly supply smart meter- related products, services and technologies.

NIK will be responsible for securing certification of CyanConnode’s hardware in the eastern Europe state.

The development follows Northeast Group releasing a report forecasting the Central and Eastern European region to invest $25.2 billion in smart grid technologies including smart meters over the next ten years.

Sergiy Bokoch, Chief Executive Officer, NIK, commented: “As a leading smart grid solution provider we are seeing more opportunities for narrowband RF mesh networks as the technology offers resilient, feature-rich and cost-effective solutions. NIK selected CyanConnode, to replace its existing ZigBee solution, based on the performance, reliability and the total cost of ownership of CyanConnode’s technology. Furthermore, being part of CyanConnode’s partner eco-system provides NIK with world class support for the integration and deployment of narrowband networks.”

In mid-August, CyanConnode expanded advanced meter deployment in Bangladesh with smart meter contract worth $10 million.

CyanConnode’s customer in the energy management field is based in Eastern Europe and has operations in Bangladesh. The customer manufacturers up to 1.5 million smart meters per annum and a wide range of energy management solutions and appliances for the Bangladesh energy sector. Read more…


Image Credit: Shutterstock.