Danish companies are ready with enhanced smart meter features


Morten Lunde,
Consultant, Danish
Technological Institute
Skanderborg, Denmark — (METERING.COM) — September 26, 2013 – Danish companies are ready for the country’s smart meter rollout – that is the word following the announcement of the rollout last week by Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard.

Through iPower, a consortium of research and innovation in intelligent energy, universities and the Danish energy sector have been developing solutions for the future intelligent energy system since 2011.

“Research in consumer behavior shows that a standard household may actually save up to 15% of their energy consumption if consumers are presented with their consumption in a simple and manageable way” explains Morten Lunde, consultant at the Danish Technological Institute. “The effect is maximized if the environment around the intelligent meter is combined with advice and support.”

Companies participating with the Danish Technological Institute and Technical University of Denmark in developing products and services targeted at private consumers include Saseco, Develco Products and Kamstrup.

In iPower, together the three companies have developed a number of products enabling solutions tailored to the individual consumer’s needs.

Saseco, a start-up company in the cluster around Aarhus University, has developed a web-based solution which shows the households’ energy consumption in a web browser.

Develco Products based in Aarhus offers wireless components for building automation, including power meters, sensors, thermometers and internet gateways.

Kamstrup provides smart meters and the underlying infrastructure, as well as an app for smartphones and tablets.

In his announcement Minister Lidegaard said smart meters would be rolled out to all households by 2020.