Danish utility adopts AMR system


Danish energy utility Sydvest Energi has ordered the largest automatic energy metering system to be delivered in the Nordic market from Enermet. The system covers all 156,000 utility customers, and is valued at over €21 million. Delivery starts immediately, and will continue until the end of 2007.

The Danish energy market has been deregulated, and customers are free to choose their power provider. Sydvest Energi is the third largest energy utility in Denmark, and the first to automate the management of energy metering information in a bid to improve customer service and operational efficiency.

The contract includes Enermet’s AIM (Active Information Management) system, metering and communications devices, and deployment support. The AIM system will also be integrated into the customer’s information systems. The communication solution is based on Enermet’s integrated meters that use the electricity network, LAN and GPRS for data transfer. Enermet sees the deal as a significant opening for them in the Danish market.