A consortium of eight Danish utilities, the MV Group, is to acquire 153,000 smart meters from Kamstrup over a three-year period.

The upgrade to smart meters is expected to make the utility group ready for the smart grid by enabling crucial optimizations of grid management and administration.

Spokesman for the MV Group and technical manager in RAH Service, Per Nielsen, said: “With these meter replacements, we are looking forward to offer the most modern technology on the market to our customers, who will be able to follow their energy usage in detail and decrease it accordingly.”

The system to be delivered is Kamstrup’s OMNIA Smart Grid suite that will comprise all supply forms in the areas including electricity, heat and water meters. All meters will be connected to the same system delivering big data to the utilities, which can benefit from a fine grained picture of supply and consumption.

The order follows in the wake of the Danish government’s announcement that all electricity meters must be remotely read by the end of 2020, allowing consumers to track their consumption hour by hour. This announcement and the ensuing rollout of smart meters for the MV Group are the manifestation of the government’s Smart Grid Strategy that was published in April 2013 aiming to make the grid intelligent and ready for the green transition.