Danish utility decides on AMI system


The Danish utility NRGi has chosen Echelon’s Networked Energy Services (NES) Systems for its advanced metering infrastructure project. NRGi awarded the project to Echelon’s NES valueadded reseller partner, Eltel Networks A/S, with meter data management system (MDMS) and enterprise software tools from NES VAR partner GArlitz AG. Under the project, which is targeted to begin in the fourth quarter of 2008 and be completed by the end of 2011, Eltel will deploy NES advanced metering infrastructure, initially to approximately 50,000 of NRGi’s 200,000 customers. Revenue to Echelon over the life of the project is expected to be between approximately US$5 and US$20 million. NRGi is the fourth Danish utility to select Echelon’s NES system, bringing the total number of Echelon NES meters in Denmark to 810,000, including all options. Denmark is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe for smart metering systems.

“A strategic goal for NRGi is to deliver products and services to our customers that contribute to energy savings and CO2 reductions,” said Poul Berthelsen, Project Manager at NRGi. “While metering alone does neither of these, the NES system can enable us to do both. With NES, we have the ability to download new tariff plans into our meters over the network, enabling us to offer incentives to reward our customers for shifting demand to off-peak times. Similarly, the ability to deliver energy information and energy services into our customers’ homes through the NES communications infrastructure is a powerful tool for energy management and conservation. We selected the NES system because it is truly a network. Unlike other systems, it is not focused simply on the meter, but on providing the foundation of a smart grid. This solid platform gives us the ability to solve problems we know we have today, and an expandable platform and grid management tools to extend our services in the future.”

NRGi is one of Denmark’s largest utility companies. The company provides services within the fields of energy, technical solutions and communication, earning value for its customers and owners. Further to supplying more than 200,000 households with electricity, the company employs approximately 1,200 people with activities that ensure energy retrenchments and CO2 reductions.