AMI smart meter manufacturers

Hafslund Nett, Norway’s largest power grid operator, has signed a contract for the supply and implementation of an automatic metering infrastructure (AMI) solution for its 700,000 customers in the region of Oslo and 33 surrounding municipalities. The roll-out will start during the 1st half of 2016 and will be completed in 2019.

Hafslund’s new AMI will consist of Aidon Energy Service Devices (smart meters), a head-end-system for the collection and management of the data from the smart meters, as well as a communication solution for data delivery.

Says Kristin Lian, senior vice president of Hafslund Nett: “After an extensive and thorough review, we evaluated Aidon’s proposal as the most economical offer with a future-oriented and good technical solution based on good commercial terms.  The Aidon solution will provide us with advanced smart grid functionalities and an intelligent wireless communication platform with the flexibility and performance required for future developments. Moreover, the solution offers a good support for IPv6, as well as a head-end-solution with many configuration options.”

Hafslund Nett owns and operates the power distribution network for Oslo and most of Akershus county and portions of Østfold county (Rygge and Råde municipalities). Hafslund owns and operates the regional network in Østfold county.

“We are proud and honoured to have received the mission to provide Hafslund Nett with the most advanced AMI solution on the market. Hafslund has placed a great emphasis on the system’s functionality beyond collecting meter readings from its customers.

“The solution will allow Hafslund to get more information about the state of their network, enabling an efficient and reliable operation of their grid. This AMI solution is an important step in bringing this industry to the next level of smart grid in which an increasingly large part of the value is created by seamless and reliable availability of data,” said Thor-Erik Næss, CEO, Aidon Norge in a statement.

Naess Chrons Kvistad Lian lores
From left: Thor-Erik Næss, CEO of Aidon Norge, Timo Chrons, CEO of Aidon, project manager Sigurd Kvistad of Hafslund Nett and Kristin Lian, senior vice president of Hafslund Nett. Pic credit: Aidon