British Gas Business (BGB), the UK’s largest supplier of non-domestic gas, has chosen Elster as its primary supplier of advanced gas meters for commercial and industrial users in a bid to improve the accuracy and frequency of data delivered to this customer segment.

Matt Idle, director of customer operations at British Gas, commented on the metering upgrade: “Since 2008 we have made significant efforts to ensure that all of our customers could benefit from advanced metering, and this agreement is the next step in this journey.

“The meters provided by Elster will enable our corporate customers to benefit from innovative technology, which will make it easier for them to control and reduce their energy costs.”

Future-proofing gas meters

Over the next three years, Elster will deliver a total of 100,000 themis diaphragm gas meters with GPRS communications and RABO range of rotary meters with encoder communications.

The themis range of meters utilises a modular UMI communications protocol that supports a flexible approach to future change requirements, effectively future-proofing smart solutions.

Steve Case, UK Smart Programme Executive for Elster, commented: “This is the first significant advance in gas metering technology within this sector for many years, and we are confident that this will benefit BGB, our meter asset management partners Energy Assets and Smart Metering Systems and, more importantly, BGB’s customers.”