Deal watch: Landis+Gyr to supply Poland with 50k smart meters


International metering giant Landis+Gyr has won a deal with European energy utility RWE to supply smart meters and software solutions from September this year for residential buildings in the capital Warsaw.

The installation, which is due for completion by the end of 2014, comprises Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream end-to-end solution, including 50,000 smart meters and Gridstream AIM software.

The system will have an interface to RWE’s existing IT infrastructure, and is designed to support its asset management needs, as well as its billing services. A four-year service contract is also included in the deal.

RWE operates a number of companies in Poland, including RWE Polska and RWE Stoen Operator. RWE Polska, together with RWE East, is responsible for supporting the development of the Group in Poland. RWE Stoen Operator manages the Warsaw power network.

Distributed generation

Agnieszka Nosal, board member of RWE Stoen Operator and also responsible for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) investments, said: “Implementation of the smart grid concept in the area of our operation will essentially improve the level of energy efficiency of the system as a whole.

“It will also allow for the development of distributed generation which is to play a major role in the future energy market.

“Investment in AMI will bring many benefits to end-consumers, providing them with access to actual consumption data, as well as enabling the utility to rapidly identify any interference in the network. The introduction of flexible product sales tailored to the lifestyle needs of individual customers will also come in the future.”

Smart investment

Between 2014 and 2019, RWE foresees that 25 percent of its investments will go into smart infrastructure, which totals 420 million Polish Zloty (approximately 100 million Euros).

In the first stage of the project, which is due to be complete by the end of 2014, RWE will install 25,000 smart meters in residential buildings in Warsaw; full project completion is scheduled for December 2015. RWE will also invest in its network, overhead high voltage lines, as well as in medium voltage cable lines in urban areas.

Europe’s 2020 target

The news come as reported this week that mandatory smart meters could be on the Polish government’s legislative agenda.

Poland along with Romania have yet to make official decisions on smart meter rollouts despite positive cost-to-benefit evaluations, as reported in the European Commission smart meters report – Benchmarking smart metering deployment in the EU-27 with a focus on electricity, released in June 2014.

Under the Polish government’s draft law, energy companies will have to achieve an 80 per cent coverage of smart meters by 2020, in line with the European Union’s Third Energy Package targets that aim at increasing energy efficiency across the 27 member states.