Declaration calls for the introduction of smart metering in Poland


Mariusz Swora,
President, ERO
Warsaw, Poland — (METERING.COM) — June 26, 2009 – A declaration calling for the introduction of smart metering in Poland has been signed by the country’s Energy Regulatory Office and the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency as well as the three largest consumer organizations, the Consumers Federation, the Polish Consumers Association, and the Customers Forum for Electricity and Gas.

The declaration states that the Polish economy, like those in united Europe and in other developed countries, is facing the need to improve its energy efficiency. One of the means that could lead to an improvement of this efficiency is the introduction of smart metering.

“In our opinion, the necessary condition to increase energy efficiency at our individual, institutional and industrial customers is full and easy access to information concerning real energy consumption,” states the declaration’s signatories. They add that the first step to fulfilling this condition is to obtain hourly consumption data for analysis.

Present practice, which is mainly based on inductive meters, makes it impossible for energy consumers and other players on the power market to effectively manage the consumption of energy and conscious streamlining of behavior, the declaration notes.

The signatories continue that energy customers in Poland cannot be deprived of the benefits that are created by new technologies already working in the modern world, and they commit themselves to monitoring the introduction of a smart metering system so that energy customers gain as many benefits as possible and to taking every possible step to serve the interests of the customers. 

The signatories say they especially underline the necessity of spreading the costs of introducing the system in a way that would bring benefits to all participants of the power market.

Moreover, they recommend that the same smart metering system is used in the gas, heating and water sectors as well.  

“Taking into consideration the unquestionable benefits for energy customers, which come from the introduction of smart metering in our country, we order all institutions, organizations and enterprises, especially those connected with the Polish power sector, to effective support and active participation both in promoting this solution as well as its implementation,” say the signatories

Commenting on the declaration, Mariusz Swora, president of the ERO, said: “Smart grid and smart metering improves energy efficiency and consumer welfare and should be developed in Poland as soon as it is possible. Implementation of this system should be monitored by consumers and regulators to make sure that all market players, and especially end-users, will benefit from it.”

The declaration is the next step by the ERO in promoting smart metering, following the presentation of a feasibility study in late 2008. The cost of the project in Poland is estimated at PLN 7.5 billion (€2 billion).