Deutsche Telekom hints at new deal for Qivicon IoT platform

qivicon-smart home services
Qivicon, developed by Deutsche Telekom, is seeking to rival other IoT smart home platforms being developed in the US

In Europe, German telecommunications operator Deutsche Telekom has indicated an upcoming deal with another major telco provider to launch smart home services through the Qivicon platform.

Holger Knoepke, vice president of Deutsche Telekom’s connected homes business, told reporters from US trade magazine Light Reading that “a major telco in Europe will launch on Qivicon. There will be an announcement very soon and definitely this year.”

Telekom Deutschland, the operator’s German business, is the only service provider offering smart home services based on Qivicon – an open-source initiative that has now attracted nearly 40 partners.

Telco interest in Qivicon

In an interview with the telecommunications trade newspaper, Mr Knoepke said telcos are showing the most interest in providing smart home services on the Qivicon platform followed by utilities, “a couple of insurance companies and a couple of retailers.”

In the UK market, energy retailers represent an “immense opportunity” for Qivicon because they are taking responsibility for the installation of smart meters in customer homes, according to Jon Carter, the UK head of business development for Deutsche Telekom’s connected homes business.

Mr Carter said: “Energy retailers are looking to invest in smart home hubs and so there is a significant opportunity for utilities in the UK to start offering smart home services by leveraging the devices they are putting in.”

Besides eww in Austria, five utilities are now providing Qivicon-based services to customers in Germany, Carter said.

In May 2014, German power company Vattenfall teamed up with Deutsche Telekom to launch an internet portal for PC or as an app for smartphones and tablet PCs.

The new product – Vattenfall Smart Home – is based on the Qivicon home automation platform.

IoT platform revenue model

Deutsche Telekom collects monthly royalties from Qivicon licensees but says it is looking at new business models, according to Light Reading.

It also generates smart home revenues from Telekom Deutschland customers, who can pay a one-off fee for smart home packages.

Knoepke would not disclose details of Qivicon revenues, which are currently booked at Deutsche Telekom’s Digital Business Unit, or indicate how many Telekom Deutschland customers are using smart home services, but said he was “happy” with the revenue performance so far.