Device converts standard meter into virtual smart meter


Harlow, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — June 17, 2008 –  Radio-Tech, a company specialising in wireless telemetry, has introduced an automatic meter reading device for mobile applications, capable of converting a pulse-enabled water meter into a virtual smart meter. SMART Log provides utilities with a cost-effective way of improving both customer service and operational efficiency while protecting existing investment in metering and billing infrastructure.  

SMART Log’s memory capacity allows it to store up to one year’s worth of time-stamped consumption and event history at half-hourly intervals, or six months’ worth at 15-minute intervals. This remote logging capability offers a range of extra benefits that have previously only been available through the deployment of a fixed network: sophisticated tariff models to help manage and balance demand; customer-side leakage detection via low-flow monitoring; the ability to monitor and enforce drought restrictions; and back-flow detection with related event time details.

Once deployed, SMART Log transmits a ‘beacon’-type message every two seconds, enabling rapid data capture rates and ensuring maximum drive-by efficiency.

Data is collected via Radio-Tech’s PC application, SMART Patrol. SMART Patrol is user configurable and can be set to wirelessly request between one and 52 weeks’ consumption and event history; typically, four weeks’ consumption history (the equivalent of 1,440 meter readings) can be downloaded in less than three seconds.  

Radio-Tech’s smart AMR meter reading system is also compatible with SMART View, an environmentally friendly, solar powered in-house display. SMART View allows residential customers to monitor their consumption and check for leakage from the safety and comfort of their own home. The display uses both numerical and graphical representations to show customers their total, average, previous and current consumption on a rolling 30-day period.

SMART Log qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances under the Carbon Trust Scheme. This offers customers 100% capital allowances in year 1, which provides a significant cash flow incentive.