DIGIMONDO and Kerlink work together to expand rollout of IoT network in Europe


Kerlink, a specialist in network solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and Digimondo, an end-to-end IoT solution provider, announced they will integrate their solutions.

Kerlink gateways are being integrated in Digimondo’s LoRaWAN network rollouts in Germany and across Europe.

The DIGIMONDO network server, called firefly, is part of Germany’s largest LoRaWAN IoT rollouts, utilising firefly software and Kerlink hardware in the city of Gehrden and surrounding areas. The deployment installed more than 1,100 smart electricity meters, and smart-parking sensors. The network is said to generate efficiency of higher than 97% uninterrupted connectivity, compared to approximately 80% efficiency of meters in basements with classic mobile radio connectivity like LTE.

The LoRaWAN network server firefly, offered both as software as a service (SAAS) and on-premise, connects objects to DIGIMONDO’s public and site-specific, customer-owned private networks.

DIGIMONDO will launch an upgrade for firefly in before the end of 2017 with advanced features, including the transport layer security (TLS) protocol to protect data and the MQTT IoT and M2M protocols. The LoRaWAN 1.1 standard will be implemented in the upcoming release.

“The Internet of Things is the next major step towards a digital future, and DIGIMONDO is committed to playing a leading role in that evolution with both rapid network deployments and reliable cloud services,” said DIGIMONDO founder and CTO Marcus Walena.

“Integrating Kerlink gateways in DIGIMONDO’s IoT networks helps the company rapidly deliver a scalable, turnkey LoRaWAN solution for large and small deployments, and supports [our] goal to bring LoRaWAN technology to countries around the world,” said William Gouesbet, Kerlink CEO.

According to a company release, the network server firefly is available to customers with a very competitive pricing model that is based on the number of gateways installed. This highly economical solution contrasts with fee structures based on the number of connected end nodes. Moreover, this gateway-based pricing model increases profit margins for customers because they can scale their sensor connectivity without paying any additional costs.

Earlier this year, the company announced nationwide deployments with partners in India and Argentina.