DLMS News – DLMS User Association: Conformance Testing is next – Working Groups for the future


DLMS News – DLMS User Association: Conformance Testing is next – Working Groups for the future

The Working Group Principle

As mentioned in the statutes, Working Groups may be formed to action specific tasks on behalf of the management committee of the DLMS User Association. In an earlier report I told you about the starting phase of the WG VAS (Value Added Services). It is now time to report on the final findings of this WG. During the meeting of the management committee at the end of February 2000 the new Working Group WG CT was founded. It has to define conformance testing, and the first meeting was held a short time ago.
WG VAS Value Added Services

The scope of WG VAS is:

  • Enhance customer service by selecting relevant applications
  • Define the objects to provide the selected Value Added Services 
  • Focus on remote control applications and event reporting.

The result of five meetings and a lot of homework is now defined as ‘COSEM Extensions for Value Added Services, version 1.0’. The newly defined objects/Interface Classes (IC) are Event (is activated when a specified threshold is reached or an external contact is activated), Remote Digital Control (switch array inside the logical device), Remote Analogue Control (setpoint table inside the logical device), and Tunnel (container service).
WG CT Conformance Testing

The first meeting has already brought some guidelines into existence. The convenor presented the proposed scope of the Working Group: “To develop a conformance tests scheme for the COSEM protocol suite and to feed back experience to standardisation”.

The activities of the WG include:

  • Definition of the scope of the conformance test and test level steps
  • Development of a legal framework
  • Definition of selection criteria of prospective providers of the conformance testing tool
  • Definition of criteria for self-testing by implementers of the COSEM specification
  • Setting up rules for operating the conformance testing scheme
  • Definition of criteria for self certification
  • Technical consultation with a possible subcontractor
  • Feedback of experience during the development of conformance testing and test campaigns to DLMS UA and international standardisation.

The child is young, but its prospect is good! We will certainly hear more from it later.

Please contact us for more information or any question about the DLMS User Association at PO Box 89, CH-1211 Geneva 16, Switzerland, e-mail: dlms@dlms.com, or visit our website www.dlms.com.

Paul Fuchs, Chairman