DLMS News – DLMS User Association: Conformance testing


DLMS News – DLMS User Association: Conformance testing – the tool is here

Members of the DLMS User Association – Book your Conformance Test Tool now!

After the Extraordinary General Meeting held in Zurich on 6 December 2000, the development of a lean version of the DLMS/COSEM Conformance Test Tool began.

The tool allows metering device vendors, providers of master stations and users of metering systems based on the DLMS/COSEM specification to verify the correct implementation of the specification in server devices. It also helps those who are still in the development process.

The specification of the tool functionality, the user interface and the delivery schedule are based on the output of a special ad-hoc working group within the Conformance Testing Working Group. The specification is available for members of the DLMS User Association.

The test process is fully automatic, the tool is simple to use and gives a clear statement (verdict) about the results. It will help to decrease system integration and maintenance costs and thus it will certainly mark a new quality of inter-operatibility in the field of meter data exchange!

The conformance test tool is available to every member of the DLMS User Association through EuroDCS, a Goerlitz (Germany) company, which will also maintain the tool.

The DLMS User Association has established the rules for conformance testing and will control the test specification, the test tools and the whole process. Early adopters will receive advantageous commercial terms.


The first version of the tool will be on display at the Metering Europe 2001 Conference and Exhibition, which takes place in Milan, Italy from 9 to 11 October 2001.

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