Domestic Metering Innovation – Next Steps


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, maintaining security of supply and tackling fuel poverty are key policy objectives for government and for Ofgem. Introducing smarter meters in people’s homes could help make progress against all these objectives. Our consultation on smart metering in February generated around 80 responses and was supported by seminars to explore the issues with stakeholders.
Following extensive analysis and consultation, we still think that competition, rather than a "one size fits all" regulated solution, is the best way to deliver smarter forms of metering. Suppliers are best-placed to understand the costs and benefits to different types of customer and deliver the types of meters that customers’ want. However, Ofgem recognises that we have an important role to play. We set out here a programme of work to break down regulatory barriers and help suppliers begin to unlock the potential of smart meters for domestic customers.

Courtesy of Ofgem