Dutch smart meters: grid operators sign off 3m order

Dutch smart meters
Distribution grid operators have teamed together to offer joint tenders to fulfil the Dutch smart meters national rollout programme

In the Netherlands, four distribution grid operators have finalised agreements with Landis+Gyr to supply 3 million smart meters towards the Dutch smart meters rollout.

Liander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra have ordered smart electricity and smart gas meters based on the Dutch Smart Meter SMR5 specifications.

The majority of the meters will be rolled out between 2016 and 2020 but the rollout may be extended until 2026.

The contracts, which have been signed this week with all four operators individually, have an option for a later extension, which could result in subsequent smart meter orders, said Landis+Gyr in a statement.

Dutch smart meters

At the end of this project, the majority of Dutch households will be equipped with a smart electricity meter and a smart gas meter.

With this tender, the four grid operators are complying with the legal obligation to offer a smart meter to every household in the Netherlands before 2021.

Another requirement of the Dutch smart meter rollout is to include a home energy management system to give consumers the ability to control their energy consumption.

Grid operators working together

Alliander and Stedin say that the choice to launch a joint tender was taken because both parties share the same vision to organize a large scale roll-out project and the choice for CDMA 450 as their communication technology.

The participation of Delta and Westland brings the total coverage to 70% of the Dutch networks.

In the past two years, Dutch grid operators have worked together in the Netbeheer Nederland consortium.

Together they have installed smart meters at more than 500,000 households in the Netherlands. Landis+Gyr was one of the selected suppliers for electricity and gas meters in this project.