Dutch Utility Enters Letter of Intent for AMI System


The Dutch utility Nuon has entered into a letter of intent with Echelon Corporation, a global networking company providing control network solutions, to deploy Echelon’s NES System. Echelon will act as a lead supplier to Nuon’s advanced meter infrastructure project, providing 25,000 intelligent communicating electricity meters and associated data concentrators, together with NES system software infrastructure.

The NES System will also be used to communicate to 25,000 gas meters via a Meter-Bus (M-Bus) interface, a European standard for connecting various consumption meters such as heat, water and gas meters. Using the newest members of Echelon’s second generation NES electricity meter family, which can act as an M-Bus master for up to four attached M-Bus devices, these gas meters will be able to report alarms and be read over the NES network on a fixed schedule or on demand, and usage can be profiled over time. The ability to read the gas meters over the same infrastructure being deployed for the electricity meters offers benefits in both efficiency and cost effectiveness.