E.ON battery storage
E.ON has confirmed that it has completed the installation of a 10MW battery, one of the largest in the UK, at its Blackburn Meadows biomass plant.
According to the company, the unveiling follows its successful bid in National Grid’s Enhanced Frequency Response tender, which invited companies to put forward projects that would help balance the grid by delivering power at less than a second’s notice. Variable output from renewable projects will be managed through the site, in addition to helping meet peak demand through the capacity market.

E.ON milestone

Housed in four 40 foot shipping containers, the project is a “milestone in the new energy world and an important recognition of the enormous potential for battery solutions in the UK,” according to David Topping, director of business heat and power solutions at E.ON.

“Having undergone successful grid testing by National Grid we are the first enhanced frequency response operator to complete the installation and bring our system online.” he added.

“The success of this project, three months ahead of plan, is tribute to the excellent work done by colleagues across E.ON as well as our contractors.”

Commercial development manager at National Grid, Leon Walker, says “Using battery storage is a significant development for managing the national grid.

“It’s an ultra-fast way of keeping electricity supply and demand balanced. Over four years we estimate that this service will save the system operator around £200m. This is good news for consumers who benefit from our cost efficiencies, and paves the way for battery technology to establish itself as an important component of our energy system.”

The new installation will store the same amount of energy as 500,000 mobile phone batteries.

E.ON and Germany smart meter rollout

Meanwhile, in Germany E.ON has plans to lead the country’s smart meter installation programme. In mid-April, the integrated energy company received a certificate from the Federal Office for Information Security to take care of smart meter operation, configuration and data processing.

In a press statement, E.ON said it secured an approval from the Federal Office for Information Security to take care of smart meter operation, configuration and data processing as a smart meter gateway administrator. Read more…