E.ON UK chooses gas and electricity smart metering deployment from Elster


Don Leiper,
Director of New
Business, E.ON
Essen, Germany — (METERING.COM) — April 24, 2012 – E.ON UK, one of the U.K.’s “big six” energy suppliers, has selected Elster to supply the first phase of its dual fuel smart metering rollout.

E.ON will deploy up to 100,000 Elster smart meters in residential properties by the end of 2012, with up to 200,000 more being installed in 2013 under the terms of a two-year contract.
The deployment includes one of Elster’s latest innovations, the next generation AS300P electricity smart meter with its modular communications hub, and the BK-G4E gas smart meter, to help E.ON meet its commitment to install one million smart meters across the UK by 2014.
“Our customers want more accurate bills, more innovative products and more control over their energy use,” said Don Leiper, director of new business at E.ON. “Smart meters give us the opportunity to provide this and we are working hard to ensure that our customers who wish to receive the early benefits of smart metering are able to do so.”
The BK-G4E and AS300P meters were designed to support tailored solutions for utilities working to comply with the European directive for smart gas and electricity metering. The meters are interoperable by design, meet the latest industry standards for data privacy and security and provide customers with the most up-to-date technology to protect against fraud and tampering.
E.ON began installing smart meters in spring 2011 and has installed over 100,000 smart meters across the country so far. E.ON will install one million smart meters during the foundation period of the U.K. implementation program, which runs until 2014.