€200,000 for smart city app challenge in Europe


The European Union is offering €200,000 in prizes for new applications that help build smarter cities – specifically for apps that that help run public services more efficiently, or help cities provide innovative services to citizens.

The only condition of the competition is that app entries should build on the 50 existing building blocks deployed in the EU’s FI-WARE project to build the core platform of tomorrow’s internet. Freely available through the FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab, these provide generic functions that can be used by a wide range of different apps from all kinds of sectors, including cloud hosting, big data analysis, identity management or the Internet of Things.

In the first round up to 20 prizes of €2,800 each will be awarded. Final awards will be First Prize – €75,000, Second Prize – €40,000, Third Prize – €20,000, Special Mention for Young Developer – €5,000, and Special Mention for Most Innovative App – €5,000.

Campus Party will manage the contest, with judging by specialists from the FI-WARE Consortium. Entries close on December 20, 2013.

The FI-WARE building blocks are currently being used and validated in smart city developments including Malaga, Seville and Zaragoza in Spain. Large scale trials include energy as well as transport and logistics, healthcare, media and content, and manufacturing.

According to an EU statement the European app economy is composed of 529,000 jobs, and generates €10 billion in revenues annually, or 22% of the global app economy.

For more information on the challenge click HERE.