Eandis and Infrax award AMM system contract for rollout of 61,000 meters to Cuculus


Kjartan Skaugvoll,
CEO, Cuculus
Melle, Belgium — (METERING.COM) — February 3, 2012 – Belgian grid operator Eandis and utility service company Infrax have selected Cuculus’ ZONOS platform with advanced metering management (AMM) functionality for a rollout of 61,000 smart meters.

The phase 2 pilot will see Eandis rollout up to 51,000 meters and Infrax 10,000 meters. Eandis has 4 million meters and Infrax one million meters already installed in the Belgian market.

The ZONOS platform is a comprehensive open AMM and meter data management (MDM) system with features that makes it easy for utilities to implement and operate smart metering while also providing the functionality to set up and provide attractive end-customer services based on smart metering data.

The Eandis installation is based on its patented powerline communication in combination with among others broadband and GPRS communication. Infrax’s installation will communicate over the company’s cable network in combination with GPRS.

Both installations will manage and communicate with multi utility controllers as well as meters from various manufacturers. Advanced functionality, such as remote meter firmware upgrades is included in the agreement. Meter readings and communication will take place at 15 minute intervals (and hourly for gas meters). Eandis and Infrax also require that all systems are fully scalable in order that their chosen partner is able to roll out across their networks, subject to a successful pilot.

“We are delighted to have won this contract,” commented Kjartan Skaugvoll, Cuculus CEO. “Eandis and Infrax have conducted a comprehensive tender where we have been able to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of our platform.”