Easy integration of new control and command PLC technology within an 802.15.4 radio network


La Garde, France — (METERING.COM) — February 17, 2009 – The WPC15.4 watt pulse communication product has been introduced by French system on chip (SoC) manufacturer Watteco SAS, as the latest member of the company’s WPC™ family of PLC modems for energy efficiency and intelligent home control applications.

Watt pulse communication (WPC™) is an innovative control and command PLC technology, which uses the resonance frequencies of the grid to communicate with electromagnetic pulses. Distinguishing characteristics include low cost, low power consumption, miniscule size, and robust communication technology on existing indoor/outdoor electricity wires. With Watteco’s WPC technology within a home electricity in-home network, it is possible to make significant savings in electricity consumption while guaranteeing increased comfort and security through its use of “smart” solutions.

“The co-existence of wireless and wireline solutions for the different control and command smart energy markets, such as home control, is becoming a market de facto” said Eric Berthaud, president of Watteco. “It was therefore important for Watteco to come up with a solution that could interoperate with various 802.15.4 radio protocols and enable WPC™ technology to be easily integrated into home networks.”

With the WPC15.4 solution Watteco aims to broaden the multiple applications of WPC technology and to facilitate the durable deployment of home control networks. With its adaptation to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, the PLC WPC15.4 interoperates with ZigBee, IP and 6LowPan radio protocols making it possible to combine PLC and radio frequency in home configurations where neither the PLC nor ZigBee are sufficient.