eDevice technology underpins energy management service


Jaques Allard 2Bordeaux, France — (METERING.COM) — November 1, 2006 – EDELIA, a subsidiary of French utility EDF, has launched a new energy management service in France which is based on eDevice’s wireless GPRS and LAN gateway technology and IDeMS middleware. eDevice of France is a specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions.
The eDevice gateways transfer automated electricity, water or gas meter readings from the users’ homes to EDF’s processing servers.

“The low cost of eDevice gateways, their usability enabling installation by the end user, and their compatibility with GPRS networks and LANs mean that we can reach a broad public while staying focused on data analysis to optimize consumption,” explains Jacques Allard, President of EDELIA.

EDELIA supplies a totally new range of simple and innovative services that help to control and reduce electricity and water consumption. Meter reading provides detailed information on consumption with a consumer alarm service if leaks or abnormal differences in consumption are detected.

eDevice gateways record meter readings transmitted by radio from water, gas and electricity meters and then transmit them over the Internet via customers’ ADSL/cable routers or via the GPRS network. This data is then archived and transferred by IDeMS, the middleware supplied by eDevice, to EDELIA’s consumption analysis servers. IDeMS also detects anomalies and carries out remote maintenance on all installed gateways.