EDF commits to promoting e-mobility


Henri Proglio,
President & CEO,
Paris, France — (METERING.COM) — October 7, 2010 – EDF has committed to placing its expertise and sales at the disposal of customers and partner manufacturers to promote the emergence of carbon-free mobility and to make available simple, reliable and competitive charging points for e-vehicles and rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

Speaking at the Paris Motor Show EDF president and CEO Henri Proglio said that e-mobility lies at the very heart of the challenges for society and for urban development.

“I am convinced that sustainable mobility represents an irreversible dynamic, and EDF intends to use its capacity to innovate for its development,” said Proglio.

As of 2011, EDF will introduce a non-exclusive support system that will provide the means of putting private customers wishing to purchase rechargeable vehicles in touch, through an EDF adviser, with installers from its network of professionals, or with EDF Group subsidiaries, in the case of companies or local authorities.

The service will involve an inspection of the customer’s electrical installation, safety measures being taken, where necessary, to comply with the regulations and standards in force, which will allow the installation of a safe domestic socket or a socket which is compliant with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

EDF will also offer to adapt the electricity supply contracts of all its customers, to help them benefit as much as possible from off-peak rates at times when electricity is least expensive and less carbon intensive.

In a statement EDF noted that the Group has embarked on a policy of active and transparent partnerships in collaboration with major manufacturers such as BMW and Toyota, with an ambitious program of field trials in France and elsewhere in Europe. These include the demonstration of rechargeable hybrid vehicles at Strasbourg with Toyota, the SAVE project based on the e-vehicle with Renault in Les Yvelines, and the Mini E in Paris with the BMW Group.

In addition EDF has signed letters of intent with PSA and the Renault-Nissan Alliance defining the principles governing its support for the respective brands’ e-vehicle customers.