EDF opens smart grid lab


Paris, France — (METERING.COM) — September 16, 2013 – EDF has opened a smart grid lab, Concept Grid, offering a unique experimental platform to support the development of electrical systems for smart grids.

Located at EDF’s R&D site at Renardières, Concept Grid provides the ability to conduct complex stress testing on materials and systems under disruption abundant conditions that would be impossible to realize on the real network.

The €10 million Concept Grid includes a range of facilities, including a residential area of five houses of 20m2 each to test current and future technologies such as smart meters, remotely controlled appliances, reversible heat pumps, micro-turbines, photovoltaic panels, charging stations for electric vehicles, storage solutions, etc.

It also includes a complete distribution network, comprised of 7 km of LV, 3 km of MV (20 kV) and two distribution substations. A further 130 km of MV network may be replicated virtually.

Intended to serve for testing between laboratory tests and field trials, Concept Grid is also available to industrial and academic partners. To date agreements have been concluded with Alcatel, HydroQuébec Group’s research institute (IREQ), the French school of electricity Supélec, and European network of institutes and research labs DERlab.