Ed’s note: Introducing Enlit


Probably the most important update coming from the event is news that Clarion Energy has rebranded Utility Week and POWERGEN to Enlit – a true end-to-end platform, which will positively impact the energy transition.

Clarion Energy Executive Vice President & Global Managing Director Duncan Reid said: “Enlit is a fantastic new brand for what is the most important and comprehensive event portfolio for the global energy industry. Over the next 12 months, we will roll out Enlit across three continents to unify seven brands: Power & Utilities Australia, Australian Utility Week and POWERGEN Australia in Melbourne in August, Asian Utility Week and POWERGEN Asia in Jakarta in September and European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe in Milan in October.”

The result of six-months of engagement with the industry and other stakeholders, Enlit is the world’s only complete energy event. It will bring clarity to the global energy transition and define the roles of all those involved in powering the next generation of the industry.

Its all about data

Data was a topic of discussion during the opening keynote. Addressing the topic – who owns the data? – were Signe Horn Rosted, Energinet; Julien Groues, Amazon Web Services; Robert Denda, ENEL and Hervé Champenois, Enedis. In the light of privacy and data protection legislation, the need to balance these considerations with insightful operational data is a challenge for multiple players in the sector.

The session considered the perspectives for TSOs, DSOs and consumers.

The future is renewable

Emerging renewables such as tidal energy are seeing a surge in interest. Despite initial challenges around the commerciality and perceived cost of the technology, innovation now means that it is now possible to effectively and predictably generate electricity from the tide.

The Faroe Islands have a pilot installation in place – one element of their efforts to meet a goal of generating 100% of their energy through renewable means.

The ”Hydrogen & Power to X” session was well received in an industry that is taking the storage challenge seriously. The session, which was standing room only, focussed on the role of the ‘large players’ currently seen in the sector, as well as efforts to improve and commercialise the technology.

Join us tomorrow for updates from the final day of Enlit in Paris.

Until then