Eesti Energia loses 15 million krooni per year to theft


Tallinn, Estonia — (METERING.COM) — November 17, 2008 – Estonian state power company Eesti Energia believes that the theft of power is costing the company around 15 million krooni (US$1.2 million) a year.

Kaido-Erkki Must, head of the power consumption supervision department of Eesti Energia, was quoted as saying that most of the theft takes place in the Kopli area of Tallinn. “The residents of Kopli are very creative people,” said Must, adding that what is important is that the company is not paid for 65 percent of the power it supplies in Kopli and that this must change.

Tallinna Vesi, the company that supplies water to Tallinn, has also reported losses of around 400,000 krooni (US$32,000) resulting from the illegal use of water and theft of items such as manhole covers.