ELEXON consults on future of energy profiling under smart metering in U.K.


London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — August 27, 2010 – British electricity balancing and settlement code (BSC) company ELEXON has issued a consultation to establish what it would mean for suppliers to use the full potential of modern metering – including smart metering – to measure actual energy consumption over the day.

The cost-benefit analysis is aimed to help identify and quantify the potential benefits and current barriers to this approach.

The consultation focuses on advanced metering in the non-domestic energy market and aims at setting out what it would mean to settle customers on a half-hourly basis and what barriers to half-hourly settlement the industry can address. Advanced and smart metering could mean more accurate data, reduced settlement timescales and a more efficient market. The results should give a clearer picture of how adopting smart metering in the wider domestic market may impact settlement.

In an earlier consultation on the perceived barriers to settling non-half-hourly (NHH) customers in the elective half-hourly (HH) market (i.e. customers whose demand is under 100 kW), most suppliers identified the main driver for the method of settlement (non half-hourly or half-hourly) was customer preference, with the main barriers to half-hourly settlement being the supplier agent costs and the distribution charges.

ELEXON said in a statement that it is excited at the opportunities the new technologies offer and will work with its customers and stakeholders to explore how these can benefit the market and end customers.