Elster fires with innovation in water metering


Lampertheim, Germany — (METERING.COM) — September 8, 2008 – Elster Group introduces a range of new water metering products today, These products integrate electronic transmission, which allows utilities and households to implement ‘smart metering’ measurements.  They are exhibited at the IWA World Water Exhibition in Vienna, as well as subsequent tradeshows.

The new ‘Elster M200 genius’ is an electronic multi-jet water meter which features electronic sensing of rotor speed, integrated EMERIS(R) radio technology, and, as an option, integrated visualized air detection, which is required in dry regions with water network outages. It is universally installable, and has been applied for MID type approval R200, corresponding to EU metrological class C.  The new V230 rotary piston water meter features universal mounting positions, the ELSTER conText(R) inscription system, and is compatible with all WVG housing sizes. It has MID type approval R160.

A range of ELSTER meters, all with replaceable inserts, now features an interface for electronic trans-mission, including those of the H4000 Woltmann meter HELIX, and the C4000 combined water meter (Inline).   They can be fitted with the new FALCON communication modules. These modules feature high-resolution pulses of 1 litre per pulse. Unlike conventional Reed sensors, they are safe against manipulation from magnets, and detect and prevent counting backflow of water. They are offered as PR6/PR7 impulse modules, PR6M/PR7M M-Bus modules, or as TPR6/TPR7 radio modules. All above products are for sale in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as some Middle Eastern countries.

The IWA World Water Exhibition is held at the Austria Center in Vienna from 8 -11 September 2008 (www.iwa2008vienna.org/i8).  WVG is a German standard for sizes of meter housing established in 1935, which makes the inserts exchangeable over meter type and time. ‘Smart Metering’ or ‘Intelligent Metering’ are terms to describe solutions in Automated Meter Reading (AMR) as well as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and are prescribed  by European Union Guideline L135 (‘Measuring Instruments Directive’/MID)  from 2004/2006, which calls for more accountability in energy matters. Elster Group is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of metering and utilisation solutions to the gas, water, and electricity industries. The group has over 3,500 staff and operates in 38 countries across North and South America, Europe, and Asia.  More information about Elster Group can be found at www.elster.com.