Embedded wireless module available in European version


Radiotronix has released its XEMICS transceiver-based Wi.232DTS embedded wireless module in a European version, operating in the unlicensed 868MHz band. The module offers a cost-effective way to make any wired application wireless. The built-in WiSE™ (wireless serial engine) contains a MAC layer protocol with CSMA, and a wireless RS-232 application.

The module is used by connecting it to a UART-enabled microcontroller and adding an antenna. It is completely transparent and can operate with no configuration. A pair of modules can be connected to PCs through RS-232 converters and can be used as wireless modems. With an 114dB link budget at the maximum data rate, a pair of modules can communicate over distances in excess of 1200 feet (365 m). Other key specifications are 15mW transmit power, 152.34 kbit/s maximum RF data rate, 24 mA receive and 45 mA transmit current consumption.

www.xemics.com / www.radiotronix.com