EMH partners with Siemens on DLC communication protocol


Richard Hausmann,
CEO, Siemens
Company Project
Smart Grid
Erlangen, Germany — (METERING.COM) — November 3, 2010 – Wittenburg, Germany-based EMH metering GmbH & Co is working with Siemens Energy to connect its smart meters up to Siemens’ automated metering and information system (AMIS).

From January 2011 Siemens is opening up its distribution line carrier (DLC) communications protocol, which utilizes the low voltage network as a metering communications channel, to enable meters from other manufacturers to be deployed within the AMIS.

The aim is to be able offer an all-round smart metering solution going forward.

“This cooperation agreement is a further step toward open communication in the context of smart metering,” said Richard Hausmann, CEO of the Siemens Company Project Smart Grid Applications.

The DLC communication protocol developed by Siemens Energy especially for providing smart metering and smart grid solutions can cope with all kinds of changes in the physical communication parameters of a low voltage distribution network such as signal damping, noise, network disturbances, signal coupling and network configuration changes. In this way, the DLC protocol brings virtually one hundred percent availability to this communication technology. Furthermore, the application offers ample scope for the integration of future smart grid functions and enables the incorporation of an existing network automation structure based on IEC protocols.