EnBW ODR selects AMI solution


Frank Hose,
Erlangen, Germany — (METERING.COM) — December 23, 2009 – Southern German utility EnBW Ostwürttemberg Donau Ries AG (EnBW ODR) has selected Siemens to supply its smart metering infrastructure based on the metering and distribution network automation system AMIS.

The system will be supplemented by a modern meter data management system. It links the metering system via an SAP-certified interface to existing IT systems, such as a work management system, internet portal, central ripple control system and systems for data exchange based on Edifact standard.

The solution provides a future oriented basis for upcoming smart grid applications, for example for allowing and handling the increased feed-in of renewables-based power. There are plans for remote meter reading and management in the utility’s supply area. Gas and water meters will communicate bi-directionally with the smart AMIS electricity meters. The existing ripple control system is also to be replaced with the new technology. In addition, the utility intends to use the system to acquire network parameters such as overvoltage and undervoltage, short term and long term failures, and power quality indicators from the medium voltage network and end customers. On the basis of detailed information such as earth fault and short circuit indications, and measurable asset indicators, it is also intended to optimize overall grid operation. Furthermore, additional services such as the acquisition of gas and water consumption data are also possible.

In total, Siemens will supply approximately 135,000 meters and load switching devices, and around 3,500 AMIS data concentrators. The special features of the solution include an Ethernet module for linkup to a TCP/IP network (e.g. the internet), the integration of around 17,000 gas and water meters, and the telecontrol equipment of the AMIS data concentrators for approximately 1,700 transformer stations, and integration into the existing Scada system.

Within the framework of the project Siemens will for the first time integrate a smart metering system into an existing corporate IT landscape via an SAP-certified meter data unification and synchronization (MDUS) interface. The interface enables the flow of information and command transfer between SAP and the Energy IP meter data management system. It forms the information platform that enables EnBW ODR to optimize its business processes and to link up other systems such as work management control and load management to the smart metering system.

“Installation of this solution at EnBW ODR once again attests to the overall significance of smart metering within EnBW,” commented Frank Hose, manager of EnBW ODR. “EnBW has offered its customers in Baden-Württemberg smart meters since October 2008, including software for real time data, an internet portal for long term evaluation, monthly invoicing and a special rate for electricity.”

EnBW, as a grid operator, will also be offering a new meter in the future that complies with all legal requirements and will also permit monthly invoicing, for example.

“In addition to this, we have developed a comprehensive solution together with the municipal utilities in Baden-Württemberg and the regional providers to meet the needs of municipal utilities and their customers. This system allows remote reading and management of all the meters located within the specific service area. Combined with active load control, applications such as electric cars and corresponding tariff rate models, the basis is created for smart grids and high energy efficiency.”