Encouraging energy efficiency in Ireland


Limerick, Ireland — (METERING.COM) — May 5, 2008 – ResourceKraft, a supplier of energy management solutions, is collaborating with a local television producer to provide technical advice and solutions for its new eco-friendly production “My Family Aren’t Wasters”. The 6 part series follows two households aiming to reduce their carbon foot print through behavioural change. As a nation, Ireland is becoming more environmentally conscious, and people are aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint.

Series Producer Simon McKeown said: “Under the direction of Dr Kirk Shanks and Aodhan MacPhaidin, ResourceKraft provided us with the most comprehensive and detailed set of domestic energy sensors in the world. With their help, the two families in the series were able to more than halve the energy bills they had and have show the rest of the country how to stop wasting energy.”

Frank Casey, ResourceKraft Commercial Director, says: “ResourceKraftAdvisor is being used to monitor the contestant’s residential environment and energy consumption. This is not altogether surprising, as the same system is being supplied to small and medium businesses, delivering them substantial savings of over 10% in their first year through waste reduction, which is all net profit to the owners.”  

ResourceKraft recently launched “ResourceKraft Advisor”, a computerised system that uses sensors and advanced metering technology to collect information about an organisation’s energy and resource usage. The data is analyzed in real-time to provide management and employees with the information they need to identify waste and reduce energy consumption.