End-to-end AMR solution for water utilities


Sensus London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — November 3, 2006 – Europe’s first true single source radio automatic meter reading system has been launched by Sensus Metering Systems, a provider of advanced metering solutions. Sensus((S))cout is unique in delivering an ‘end-to-end’ solution for utilities and water companies, because every element of this new AMR system – meters, transponders and data transmitters, collectors and interrogation software – is designed and supported by Sensus. In effect, Sensus((S))cout offers an unbroken and seamless data chain from the meter point via the IT system through to the billing process.

The result is an AMR system that is not only ideally suited to new applications – it is also backwards compatible, enabling utilities to benefit in existing meter networks from the cost and performance gains associated with AMR.

Sensus((S))cout has been specially developed to provide mobile and remote reading of meters in high density residential areas and in lower density industrial locations. Each water meter is equipped with an integrated or ‘plug and play’ transponder that sends consumption information to external data collectors. A handheld unit is then used to read meters simultaneously from the same point as part of a mobile walk-by system.

In larger urban schemes, the meter information is forwarded from the data collectors to GSM gateways via a repeater network. In this configuration, each Sensus((S))cout network can read meters remotely and automatically, and the solution is completely scalable, depending upon topology.

The system is also ideally suited to commercial and industrial areas where meter access can be difficult (in flooded pits for example) or can be obstructed by traffic.

“Sensus((S))cout takes AMR in Europe to a new level,” says Uwe Gross, Product Manager Systems at Sensus. “For the first time, water supply companies can rely on true end-to-end system integrity that comes from the ability of Sensus to control every element of the process.

“Not only does Sensus((S))cout drive up operational efficiency through reading technology, it also adds value by delivering real time information about business critical issues, including leakage and broken pipe detection, tamper alerts and reverse flow volume measurement.”

The system has already proven its effectiveness in Germany, where an original trial of the technology has been significantly expanded. A similar program is about to start in the UK, France and South America.