End-to-End Smart Energy Solution based on IP v.6


October 8, 2009 – Microsoft Gold certified Partner Power Economizer, EMC, ELV and co2online presents a ground-breaking Smart Energy solution based on Microsoft technologies.  The offering spans from the collection of electricity, gas, and water meters data, over in-home displays, intelligent gateways, frontend software for the web, mobile phones like iPhone and Windows Mobile, backend-Internet and “cloud” services all the way to business process oriented integration into ERP systems, such as SAP’s ISU industry solution for utilities.  The interest in automated solutions for measuring and controlling energy consumption has rapidly grown in the past years, driven by public policy such as the EU Energy Directive, but at least equally by consumer interest fuelled through increasing energy costs and strong attention for CO2 and climate change.

This is an end-to-end solution which integrates both smart meters as well as legacy meters installed today. The standards-based offering is not limited to a single type of smart meter interfaces, but offers a suite of connection options integrating all variants promoted today. Thanks to the integration with readily available energy control devices, utilities of all sizes are enabled to improve the utilization of their grid, plus provide an attractive return of invest for the consumers at the same time, solving critical challenges in today’s business cases for smart meters.

EMC provides multichannel customer interfaces in addition to its consulting and system integration capabilities. Hamburg, Germany based Power Economizer demonstrates its white label and cloud computing based portal solution in addition to gateway software, user interfaces for various types of devices and integration with home control to help better manage consumption. ELV is the provider of meter reading and collection devices, energy management, heating control and home automation devices, plus consumer-level priced gateways of the exhibit at Metering Europe. NGO co2online completes the solution with advanced, extensible web-based tools that online-consult end-users about their personal utilization of energy and make specific recommendations about specific options for energy conservation and CO2 reduction. Microsoft technologies in the solution include: (Azure Hosting Services, Silverlight for innovative dashboards, Biztalk for fast, seamless backend integration, winCE for intelligent Gateway).

Based on today´s technology with open standards and interfaces the end-to-end-solutions offer:
increased living comfort for consumers (control of all home devices like heating, energy devices etc.) in combination with decreased energy consumption (by 20 % via in-house displays, picture frames, dashboards, iPhones, MDA´s etc.)
for retailers – building a new level of relationship and increased selling potentials in new markets with utility branded dashboards
for generations – reduce consumption-peaks
handling CO²-certificates more effective (get money back from EU)

This solution displays an advanced smart meter concept that enables energy providers to realize mass market projects more rapidly and to establish a platform for future growth at the same time.