ENDESA presents innovative remote management system in Spain


José Luis Marín
Madrid, Spain — (METERING.COM) — July 23, 2009 – ENDESA has presented an innovative remote management system, the first of its kind in Spain, which will be installed in the homes of its more than 13 million customers over a period 2010 to 2015 to replace their conventional electricity meters, three years ahead of the legal timeframe.

“This system features the latest generation technology and will reduce distribution losses while delivering value added services and providing a platform for future intelligent network applications to be incorporated,” said ENDESA Red CEO, José Luis Marín López-Otero.

“The system underscores the commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability that has always guided ENDESA, while meeting all business requirements.”

The remote management system will offer customers detailed usage and cost data, virtually in real time, enabling them to choose the best rates. In addition, all commercial transactions will be carried out remotely and in real time for customers’ convenience.

ENDESA is the first Spanish company to originate a remote management system in line with Spanish and EU directives on this matter, the company said in a statement.

Furthermore the solution is the result of ENDESA’s synergies with Enel in terms of experience, know-how and innovation. Enel has successfully used a similar remote management system to serve more than 32 million customers in Italy, while ENDESA contributed its extensive technological know-how to the project.

ENDESA also announced that the system will incorporate a PLC communication protocol, named SITRED, which was developed by Enel and will be made available to the industry in a bid to contribute proactively to the specification of open communication solutions across Europe.